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New role for me at LGiU

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After a little time out, doing yoga and rugby and hanging out with my boy*, I’m back in the saddle again.  I’m the brand new Senior Policy Researcher at LGiU (Local Government Information Unit).

I’m very excited about my new role and about returning to the world of local government. There is so much engaging work to be done and much to be achieved. I’m still as passionate as ever about transparency, good governance and local democracy. There’s a long shopping list of things I’m interested in: better information sharing, better engagement, the evolving role of elected representatives, community action, making places nicer to live and innovation in service provision.

So…how can we do that?

Let’s have some coffee and talk about it.

You can now reach me at or via twitter @ingridk or leave a comment here.


*keeping the rugby and, of course, the boy – taking a little rest from the yoga

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  1. Vicky Sargent says

    Welcome back, you’ve been missed!

  2. Andy Mabbett says

    Congratulations, Ingrid!

    I have written two bog posts suggesting that councils (and other public bodies) can increase engagement by open licensing their media. They are:

    Politician pin ups – open-licensed pictures, please


    All your video are belong to us: open licence recordings of local government meetings

    I’d be happy to discuss the issues, or to advise on implementation.

  3. IngridK says

    Thanks Andy. I’m a big fan of open licensing and try to do it with most of my own stuff just as a matter of principle. (Not recognisable pictures of my son!)

    This is one of those things that feels quite basic and achievable, but is so entrenched and difficult. Would be great to catch up with you anyway, so would love to chat.

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